About Us


Our Story

We are Giada and Loris, professional Tour Leaders and sommeliers in Venice. We both came to the city a few years ago as students and fell in love with its beauty and uniqueness. We were captured by the feeling of living in another time and we decided to build our life here. After working for some years as freelance Tour Leaders, we created our own platform to share with you the excellences of our land. Off the beaten track tours, visits to wineries, food & wine tours and cooking classes are the things that we believe people should experience when visiting Venice.

Our Mission

  • Give you an authentic insight on our local culture, food and wine, and lifestyle: that's why we are sharing with you what we tried in first person and we're passionate about.

  • Support local economy by choosing authentic venues that are relevant for the city’s social and economical life.

  • Comply with local regulations by working as licensed tour leaders.

  • Care about sustainability and safety, thats's why our tours are 100% private: this way we can assure you high quality standards,  lower the impact of tourism on the city and operate according to Covid-19 safety measures.

  • Listen to our guests’ ideas: if you have anything special in mind please contact us and we’ll do our best to make it happen for you.

Meet Us


Born and raised in Treviso, I came to Venice to study languages at university.

Soon I started to discover Venice’s hidden gems, breath-taking views, secret places and of course, best food and wine venues. Without even realizing it, I was in love.

How would I define myself? A knowledge seeker: I love to keep on discovering and learning especially when it comes to culture and enogastronomy (my last achievement was becoming a certified sommelier).

Ask me anything about local life, history, enogastronomy and culture: nothing makes me happier than curious guests!


I lived in different places in Italy, from the amazing Puglia to the marvellous Sardinia, but when I arrived to Venice I knew that it was going to be the place that I could call home.

No other place is as unique to me, but I loved living in other italian cities as well. We could even say that I learnt more about different cultures since in Italy every region has its unique food, local language and history. 

Working as a Tour Leader allows me to share with you my experience and knowledge of Venice and the rest of my country, be it food and wine culture, history or local lifestyle.

Like Giada, I keep studying to be constantly updated. Wine for example may be thousands of years old, but there’s always something new to learn.