Answers to some common questions

Tour Preparation

We recommend to bring comfortable shoes (lots of walking will be involved), sunscreen and hat if summer or umbrella and rainjacket if winter. You can also bring your own bottle and refill it at fountains around the city (yes, water is safe to drink). We recommend also to bring a bag to collect waste if needed (in many areas trash cans are difficult to find). 

Tips are not mandatory in Italy, however they are generally well appreciated. You can leave a tip at your discretion. 

You can specify all your requests in the contact form and we’ll let you know if it’s possible to create around your dietary restrictions.

Unluckily, Venice is not the most friendly city for people with mobility issues, but nothing is impossible: using the vaporetto to get around and focusing on specific city areas it’s still possible to enjoy your holiday.  Feel free to contact us and request a tailored tour catered on your needs.

About Venice

Venice is a safe city. You can walk around at night and streets are generally well-lit. However, like anywhere, beware of pickpocketers (especially while taking the public transport) and follow common sense rules. 

High water is generally not a big issue in Venice. There may be some high water in certain parts of the city during the winter season, but all the activities and businesses will run as usual. You can wear rainboots or walk on the platforms in case of regular high water.
In case of exceptional tide forecast, the MOSE system should enter into action to protect the city and keep it dry. 

Venice may be difficult to navigate even with the GPS, but don’t worry: it’s ok to be lost. Indeed, it’s one of the best ways to experience the city and let it surpise you with its amazing views and hidden corners. 

Yes. You can also drink at the many fountains scattered around the city. 

Generally mid-season (April-June and September-November) is the best time weather-wise. Crowds-wise, instead, the best time is in the off-season months, from November until the beginning of Carnival. Keep in mind, however, that in January a lot of businesses are closed or on holiday. The summer is the busiest and hottest time, but you can do a lot of activities (dine outside, go to the beach, do sports or enjoy the beautiful Redentore holiday).

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